Prohibited Items

(Items 1 to 3 and 5 to 9 are not applicable to persons who are accredited by the Stadium Operator and, where applicable, are in possession of the necessary licences and/or permits required in terms of any applicable law to provide catering, hospitality, vendor, security, pyrotechnic or entertainment services at the EVENT).

  1. Any form of alcohol (except in the areas where it is sold by stadium accredited vendors)
  2. Animals (other than guide dogs)
  3. Any glass or metal (e.g. can) food, beverage or condiment container
  4. Old South African flags
  5. Banners of flags whose content can reasonably be considered to be vulgar, racist, sexist, discriminatory, provocative,inciting and/or offensive
  6. Lasers or similar potentially disruptive light emitting or light reflective/refractive devices or objects
  7. Any chemical which can reasonably be considered to be hazardous to a person attending the EVENT
  8. Fireworks, flares or any similar highly flammable incendiary device or object
  9. Any device or object that can reasonably be considered to be disruptive or harmful to spectators at the EVENT
  10. Cold drinks, bottled water and any other non-alcoholic beverages
  11. Any form of pre-prepared or perishable food
  12. Any signs, clothing with enlarged branding or similar items with corporate branding other than official sponsors of the EVENT
  13. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates (including in-line skates) or similar devices
  14. Media equipment of non-accredited media personnel
  15. Gas powered air horns
  16. “Mace” or any similar self-defence sprays
  17. Any compressed gas canister/container
  18. Video cameras and cameras with large detachable flashes
  19. Gas braai equipment, portable braai’s or similar food heating equipment
  20. Cool-boxes or cool-bags
  21. “Dry ice”
  22. Umbrellas
  23. Televisions and radios (except small transistor radios with ear pieces)