Season ticket ts & cs


To the extent that this season ticket/membership has been sold pursuant to a marketing campaign entitling the Season Ticket/Membership Purchaser to certain “value in kind” benefits (such as discount vouchers with certain retailers and/or casino vouchers and the like) to be issued by Value Added Benefit Partners, such benefits are provided gratis and no part of the consideration paid in respect of the season ticket/membership shall be attributed to any such “value in kind” benefits. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, “Season Ticket/Membership Purchaser” shall mean the actual purchaser of a season ticket(s)/membership(s) and not the holder thereof. The Season Ticket Purchaser/Member shall be the person/entity whose name is recorded on the ticket/card. The price for the season ticket/membership is the price for the ticket/membership only. To the fullest extent permitted by law, no person/party shall have any claim of whatsoever nature against Access Facilities and Leisure Management Company (Pty) Limited, SA Rugby (Pty) Ltd, Eastern Province Rugby (Pty) Limited or any Value Added Benefit Partner if, for whatever reason, any “value in kind” benefit cannot be used or redeemed. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Season Ticket/Membership Purchaser indemnifies Access Facilities and Leisure Management Company (Pty) Ltd, SA Rugby (Pty) Ltd, Eastern Province Rugby (Pty) Limited and the Value Added Benefit Partners against any claim, loss (including consequential loss) or damage of whatsoever nature arising from, or as a result of, any person/party using any “value in kind” benefit or not being able to use or redeem any “value in kind” benefit. Season tickets/Memberships are sold subject to the terms and conditions set out below which can also be perused at Use or redemption of the “value in kind” benefits shall be subject to terms and conditions imposed by the particular entity to which they relate, which terms and conditions which can also be perused on the above website.


1. For the purposes hereof, “ticket” shall include Royal Lounge Memberships, Supporter Packages, Family Packages, season tickets and membership packages.
2. Right of admission to The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (the Stadium) is reserved at the discretion of Access Facilities and Leisure Management Company (Pty) Ltd (Access) and its senior management (“management”).
3. The ticket/membership card must be produced at the appropriate entry points and/or on demand by any authorized official.
4. Entry into the Stadium and demarcated areas will not be allowed to persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or in possession of any item or substance deemed to be illegal or undesirable by management including any recording equipment and/or dangerous items, weapons, explosives, incendiary devices or sharp objects, animals, or any other items which management may refuse at their discretion, including any objects or clothing containing political or commercial identification in breach of condition 7 below, or any other object which may be offensive, disruptive, dangerous or likely to infringe the safety or security of others – a full list of which is displayed at the entry points of the Stadium which also may be viewed at/or may be obtained from the offices of Access by calling (041) 408-8900.
5. Where admission is refused, or the bearer is evicted from the Stadium and/or demarcated areas, no refund will be paid.
6. Access to the playing field for sports events shall be restricted to authorised players and officials on the day of the match to which this ticket/membership card refers (the “match”).
7. The bearer shall not behave in a disruptive or drunken manner, endanger the safety of other persons at the Stadium and/or demarcated areas, nor unreasonably obstruct the viewing of the other spectators.
8. The bearer shall not engage in any form of “ambush marketing” or unauthorised promotions and shall not breach or infringe the rights of any sponsors, suppliers, broadcasters or other parties commercially associated with the match.
9. The use of tickets/membership cards may not be transferred as prizes in lotteries or competitions, sold, donated or disposed of for commercial gain, unless authorised by Access in writing, or through an authorised agent. Any ticket/membership card obtained in breach of these conditions shall be void and all rights connected therewith shall be nullified, including the bearer’s refusal of entry to, or eviction from, the Stadium and demarcated areas.
10. Management shall, subject to these Terms and Conditions, use its best endeavors to ensure that the bearer be given full and unencumbered use of the seats to which the ticket/membership card refers, but reserves the right to substitute the seat with another at its discretion. Management does not guarantee the quality of the match, nor that the bearer will have an uninterrupted and/or uninhibited view of the match from the seat provided and does not accept any liability in relation thereto.
11. In addition to condition 9 above, it is stated that all members of the public over the age of 2 years will pay the full price of a ticket for admission into the Stadium. An infant will not require a ticket, bearing in mind that the infant may not occupy a seat and will have to be positioned on your lap.
12. Under no circumstance will any refund be given.
13. This ticket/membership card is valid for the Stadium for the 2016 rugby season (unless expressly stated otherwise) and covers all rugby matches – other than those designated as special by Access and which require the purchase of separate tickets.
14. Access will not accept liability for replacement in the event of this ticket/membership card being lost or stolen. However, should the decision be taken to replace lost/stolen tickets/membership cards, a pro rata charge will be levied.
15. Parents/legal guardians shall be responsible for the wellbeing and safety of their children whilst present at the Stadium. Access shall under no circumstances whatsoever accept responsibility for the wellbeing or safety of children present at the Stadium, including children who hold scholar season tickets.
16. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Access shall have no liability for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay, unavailability of parking or inconvenience occurring before, during or after any rugby match or any cancellation of any rugby match hosted at the Stadium. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the bearer (and where applicable, the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of the bearer) hereby indemnifies and agrees to hold Access harmless against any claim for loss (including consequential loss), damage, accident, personal injury, delay or inconvenience instituted or brought by any guest, invitee, employee, director, shareholders, member, trustee or family member of the bearer against Access.
17. The bearer shall at all times when present in and around the Stadium comply with all Access’ rules applicable to the Stadium and the particular rugby match. Access shall be entitled to make and change rules of general applicability governing the conduct of spectators, including season ticket/membership holders, whilst in/or around the Stadium and including rules of conduct pertaining to the use of the outer fields within the Stadium.
18. This ticket/membership card is issued subject to Ticket Pro’s standard Ticket Purchasing Terms which can be viewed at
19. By using this ticket/membership card you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions, that you understand same and that you undertake to abide thereto.